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One-to-One Reader

One-to-One Reader
Titel: One-to-One Reader
Auteur: Elisa van Joolen; Amelia Groom; T'Ai Smith; Joke Robaard
Bestelnr.: 9789491677861
Prijs : € 28,00
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One-to-One refers to a working method in which items of clothing became large-sized printing tools, covered in black and blue ink. Each clothing item served as a stamp, and was simultaneously being stamped on, thus creating a chain reaction and making each clothing item an original and a copy. As such the project One-to-One offers new perspectives on reproduction - it allows us to look beyond the status conveyed by the label and see the actual, material properties of clothing.Bringing together contributions by Amelia Groom, Ruby Hoette, Joke Robaard, T'ai Smith and Hanka van der Voet this reader explores some of the project's core questions: What does it mean to copy in fashion? What if a garment could be both a copy and an original at the same time? What if reproduction and production are one and the same? This reader documents the process and outcomes of the One-to-One project as well as exploring the implications and possibilities of this unique working method in the broader context of the fashion system.---Text Contributions by Amelia Groom, T'ai Smith, Hanka van der Voet, Joke RobaardPhotography: One-to-One by R. Mariz, models by Blommers / Schumm. Exhibition views Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Patta Store, Zeedijk 60 by Gert Jan van Rooij. Exhibition views Museum Boijmans van Beuningen by Lotte Stekelenburg.All other images and compilation by Elisa van JoolenText editing by Ruby HoetteImage editing by Our Polite Society & Elisa van JoolenGraphic Design by Our Polite Society ---One-to-One Reader is part of 11' x 17' 11?x17' is an ongoing project that examines and challenges the fashion industry's prevailing value systems and proposes new methods of production. The project began in 2013 with a series of conversations with representatives of various fashion brands including G-Star RAW, O'Neill, By Parra, moniquevanheist, and Nike. These companies then contributed by donating clothing and footwear in the form of samples, archival pieces and stock. A selection of these have undergone a process of cutting out, reconstructing and printing to become 11' x 17' Sweaters, Invert Footwear and One-to-One garments. 11' x 17' creates a network. It unites different categories of clothing and different values within fashion; an eclectic mixture of mid-market, second-hand, and high-end items.