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Titel: ????
A comprehensible story for learners of Russian
Auteur: Michele Whaley
Bestelnr.: 9789490824679
Prijs : € 10,95
Status:Dit artikel is binnen twee werkdagen leverbaar.
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Lena and Arsen come from opposite sides of the Soviet Union, yet they have a similar problem: their parents want toguide their lives. In fact, everyone around them interferes with their blossoming happiness as Lena and Arsen struggle to find their own path in life.A comprehensible story for learners of Russian, Level 2 / CEFR level A2This book contains a comprehensive Russian-English glossary. Words that may be new to the Level 2/A2 reader are also translated next to the text to make reading and comprehension easier. Furthermore, you will repeatedly encounter each of these new words throughout the text, which will help you recognize and understand them more quickly each time. This text is carefully crafted to build your confidence and joy while reading in Russian.In the Tretyakov Gallery of Art in Moscow, you can findone of the most famous paintings in Russia. The painting plays an important role in this story, which is based on the lives of two real people: the girl pictured in the painting and a boy from Kazakhstan.I wrote this book for low intermediate students of Russian. May the beauty of the Russian language and insights into those who speak Russian open the way to new friendships and communication across borders.- Michele Whaley.