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Think Big Scale fast

Think Big Scale fast
Titel: Think Big Scale fast
The Marketing Scaleur's Secrets to Successfully Growing a Business
Auteur: Jolien Demeyer
Bestelnr.: 9789464184402
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Grow Your Business Fast-And Still Have Fun! 

Of all the challenges entrepreneurs face, scaling their business is one of the hardest, and the marketing department often bears the brunt when they are asked to meet rising expectations and demand without an increase in budget. How do marketers do more with less-without compromising on quality?  

The answer lies in becoming a scaleur-combining entrepreneurial ingenuity with marketing skill and panache. Think Big, Scale Fast draws on lessons from major global conglomerates and tenacious startups to provide a comprehensive, practical guide for entrepreneur of all stripes.  

You'll learn how to:
? Cultivate the right mindset to handle the challenges of growth and uncertainty.
? Fine-tune strategy and processes before scaling.
? Assemble the right team on a limited budget.
? Leverage the power of repurposed content and automation tools.
? And more! 

As a company grows, many owners see their entrepreneurial dream fade into a nightmare as their business becomes just another all-consuming job, but a scaleur knows how to scale successfully while still enjoying the ride.