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Jozef IJsewijn. Humanism in the Low Countries

Jozef IJsewijn. Humanism in the Low Countries
Titel: Jozef IJsewijn. Humanism in the Low Countries
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Professor Jozef IJsewijn's most relevant essays collected in one volume.'Jozef IJsewijn. Humanism in the Low Countries' contains twenty-one essays written by the late Professor Jozef IJsewijn during the period 1966-1996. All essays were selected by his pupil Professor Gilbert Tournoy, who collaborated with him since the foundation of the Seminarium Philologiae Humanisticae in 1966 until his untimely death in 1998. They are now published in one volume in homage to the most brilliant scholar in the field of Neo-Latin Studies of the twentieth century.A number of contributions focus on the life and/or work of a single humanist from the Netherlands, others have a more general nature and deal with the very beginning and the later blossoming of Neo-Latin literature in the Low Countries or with the relationship between humanism in the Low Countries and in other European countries.Hidden in a less-known journal or a Festschrift for a colleague, these studies are nowadays not always easy to find. This volume brings the most relevant essays of IJsewijn together and aims to contribute to the research and study of humanism and Neo-Latin literature in the Low Countries.