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Introduction to International Commercial and European Law

Introduction to International Commercial and European Law
Titel: Introduction to International Commercial and European Law
Auteur: Marco Mosselman
Bestelnr.: 9789462512559
Prijs : € 69,00
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The field of international commercial law has gained importance due to theincreasing globalization of economies and international commerce in the lastdecades.This book covers the most important legal issues when conducting businessabroad. The legal environment of the business transactions is the centraltheme of the first part. The political and policy risks of doing business abroadare explained, as well as how they should be mitigated. The first part also coversEuropean law with a focus on the four freedoms and competition law. It endswith strategies for entering foreign markets.The second part of the book focuses on the individual contract of sale. Thispart of the book deals with a range of subjects, including general conditions ofsale, retention of title, the CISG, product safety and product liability, Incoterms,contract of carriage, jurisdiction, choice of law and arbitration, standard contractclauses and payment conditions.This book takes a practical approach and uses specific examples to systematicallyexplain the main legal problems arising from selling products in foreigncountries.It is meant to be used as a textbook for business students and for introductorycourses in law schools. No previous in-depth knowledge of law is necessary touse this book. It contains more than 100 multiple choice questions and 70 cases,giving students the possibility to apply the knowledge acquired in a chapter toreal situations.The book does not pretend to be exhaustive in scope: the field of internationalcommercial law in particular is vast, and has many different angles. However,it does try to explain the main pitfalls of doing business in foreign countries andhow to avoid them.