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Geert Lap Specific Objects

Geert Lap Specific Objects
Titel: Geert Lap Specific Objects
Auteur: Titus M. EliŽns; Ernst van Alphen
Bestelnr.: 9789462085114
Prijs : € 49,95
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Thanks to his great technical know-how and boundless craftmanship, the Dutch ceramicist Geert Lap (1951-2017) left an oeuvre that is cherished around the world in many museums and private collections. This book is the result of a unique photo project. Erik and Petra Hesmerg spent years travelling the world to document Geert Lap's work. They were granted exclusive access to the homes of private collectors and their photographs bear witness to the diverse and sometimes astonishing combinations the collectors created to exhibit Lap's work in their homes. Geert Lap - Specific Objects also includes highly detailed, full-page photographs that show the prominent position accorded to Lap's oeuvre in the collections of major Dutch museums.Access to the artist's private archive was given to Titus M. Eliëns. His biographical essay provides a penetrating insight into the life and work of this perfectionist pur sang, who devoted his life to the consummate ceramic form. Geert Lap. Specific Objects is completed with contributions by Ernst van Alphen and Jac Geurts.