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This is How you Heal!

This is How you Heal!
Titel: This is How you Heal!
Auteur: Humphrey Isselt
Bestelnr.: 9789402186055
Prijs : € 31,50
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The book 'This is How you Heal!', by integral (energetic) coach Humphrey Isselt, pays attention to the healing process. This is because recovery and healing are often confused with each other. The result is that many people despite of being declared cured walk around with a feeling of 'discomfort'. Even after years of therapy, people do not feel better. Despite being declared healed, one does not feel healed. What causes this (feeling)?This is mainly because many therapies and treatment methods are still focused on symptoms instead of on causes.In the book 'This is How you Heal!' the following questions are answered in two parts;PART I - What is healing ?, describes the 'healing process' in relation to the 'recovery process'. This is because you first have to understand what 'healing' means before you can delve into 'how' you heal.PART II - How do I heal myself?, describes in depth which steps you can take to strengthen your constitution. Not only to heal in the situation you may be in now, but especially to understand that healing takes place every moment of your life.I wish you many useful insights and, above all, a lot of healing and pleasure.