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Time developed

Time developed
Titel: Time developed
Auteur: Karin Clapton
Bestelnr.: 9789402145960
Prijs : € 18,50
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This is a selection of poetry I have written through the years. In the end this is what I have selected for you. Basically I didn't initiate what I had started. I had to fathom through my collection, then digitalize all of them, however with that task I got a 'little' help!I love my family,travelling,writing,and listening to music. They are my greatest inspiration and passion. They influence me throughout.History,people,places and emotions have invited me to put words to paper. In my childhood/teens I have lived in distant countries. Signifying a different life. No matter how small the differences were they tempted me to absorb and write. Maybe because of that I essentially write in English and being married to an Englishman surely may have something to do with it. However I have also written some in Dutch and Spanish.Therefore I have decided to include two Dutch poems in this book.In particular I love to write on long haul flights, when I am home and away. I would just sit,listen,observe and dig in my memory. To me it all reads like a journal. The addition of memories and perfection of time shared.I hope it will give you the same pleasure.