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Then came the caged parrot in our lives

Then came the caged parrot in our lives
Titel: Then came the caged parrot in our lives
how caged birds cause chronic human diseases
Auteur: Peter Holst
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The import of tropical birds caused an epidemic of the so-called parrot disease in Europe. This psittacosis has spread in weakened form as Chlamydia pneumoniae throughout the population and is the cause of many chronic cell infections in humans. Cancer and other chronic diseases are the result of it.Prevention is essential to achieve a healthy environment for everyone and to reduce the increase of these often chronic diseases. Changes in lifestyle, such as the cleaning of drinking water and sewage, and the refrigerator have brought in the past most health benefits - more than the medicines of the pharmaceutical industry. It is of great importance that the air we breathe indoors and in public places, is free from contaminants in order to interrupt these (avian) flus.A revolution in our thinking and action is necessary. How to do it? No more caged birds indoors, but also no consumption of infected chicken products and raw egg proteins. We have no other choice if we want to combat the rise of these chronic diseases.