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.be our guest

.be our guest
Titel: .be our guest
Auteur: Kathleen Billen; Kristin Van de Voorde-Heidbüchel
Bestelnr.: 9789401449823
Prijs : € 45,99
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Discover the beautiful residences of twenty-seven embassies and consulates-general of the Kingdom of Belgium from all over the world and be seated at their hospitable tables. Let Belgian top chefs amaze you with over fifty-five delicious recipes, and be thrilled by matching Belgian beers and wines. refresh your knowledge of etiquette with a quick course and take a divine Belgian aperitif before choosing between a formal dinner, a walking dinner, a business lunch or a cosmopolitan gastronomic gathering. And of course, finish by giving yourself a treat: a sweet dessert featuring Belgian chocolate and patisserie, or go for a surprising Belgian cheese platter.

Belgium, country of gourmets with a rich gastronomic heritage, is a place of hospitality par excellence in the heart of Europe.

In .be our guest, two ambassador spouses who believe in the power of gastronomic diplomacy gather together men and women bursting with talent, who are each in their own way an ambassador of Belgium: 13 great chefs, both acclaimed chefs and young kitchen rebels, as well as a world class bartender, beer sommelier, chocolatier, patissier and cheese master. They will surprise you with refined gourmet recipes that will also turn your table into an ambassador of Belgian hospitality. and leave it to the authors to spice it all up with interesting little details about Belgium’s national pride: its many beers, the Belgian fries, chocolate, cheese, diamonds and even spirits and wines ... the choice is yours!