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From Fear to Freedom

From Fear to Freedom
Titel: From Fear to Freedom
Auteur: Pieter Spinder
Bestelnr.: 9789090318967
Prijs : € 22,50
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This story is about going from Human-Doing towards Human-Being.From fear to freedom. The freedom within. Your freedom within.When people meet you they ask, out of interest, if you havea career, whether you are married, if you have children. As iflife was some kind of grocery list. But no one ever asks you ifyou're happy...These questions you get asked are about figuring out whoyou are. But most of the time they lead to answers about whatyou are doing. You'll say 'I work here', 'I studied this and that','I live there', and so on. What happens with these types ofanswers is that the Doing is actually defining the Being. Whenthe Doing is good and works out, then all is well with theBeing. For those people asking you these questions it's a safestrategy; they don't need to worry about your well-being if allyou are sharing is your well-doing.In this story, I'm making connections between living out of Freedom or living out of Fear. I talk about howwe feel and assume we have to measure up in a world thatkeeps telling us that we aren't achieving enough. We gothrough similar stuff when we're bringing up our children.We condition our children. And so it continues from primaryschool all the way through university and for the rest of ourworking lives. Never being good (enough). And not reallybeing seen for who we are.What happens is that as we grow up, we changeone of the greatest paradigms of our lives. Slowly, very slowly,we see our Freedom turning into Fear. We get it mixed up. Weturn it upside down.We start as Human-Beings but become Human-Doings.This story is not a manual for swapping fear for freedom.This is my life-story, my experience of searching. I hope it caninspire you. I'm sharing the stuff I've learnt and what's inspiredme. My story is an invitation. An invitation to become, onceagain, a Human-Being.Because we have that choice. We can start today.Welcome Home.