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A Celebration of Vulva Diversity

A Celebration of Vulva Diversity
Titel: A Celebration of Vulva Diversity
Auteur: Hilde Atalanta
Bestelnr.: 9789090317137
Prijs : € 35,00
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All vulvas are unique just like our hands, noses and eyes are. Though there's often just one kind of vulva shape presented in popular media. Whether it's in magazines, mainstream porn or even biology books, the 'beauty ideal' that is often been presented to us is pink, small and mostly hairless.And of course, this could be you. However, in many cases it won't be. Having a vulva that looks different to this beauty ideal leaves many of us feeling weird, ugly or ashamed. We think we are an exception. So what do we do? We hide. From our lovers, our partners, our friends. We turn off the light, we're afraid to talk about how we look; some of us even consider surgery.This book aims to open up conversations about a topic that is still surrounded by taboo and shame.By showing diversity, educating ourselves on anatomy and sexual health and openly talking about our experiences and our insecurities, we can change the way we look at our bodies - and the bodies of others.Let's celebrate this wonderful part of the human body!