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17 februari 2018
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5 Stars

5 Stars
Titel: 5 Stars
Part 3 of Trilogy
Auteur: Geert Wels
Bestelnr.: 9789082681062
Prijs : € 7,99
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Did you ever believe you could lead a five star life? The kind of life that allows you not only to develop your own potential, but that also helps others to bring out the best in themselves? This is the invitation Ron gets after an unexpected twist at the start of the story. He accepts the offer, with a great deal of uncertainty at first, but with a sense of desire big enough to overcome his fears. With the help of his growing team and the numerous pieces of advice he gets from Philippe, he gains better understanding of his own qualities and learns where there is room for improvement. He discovers how to communicate even better and, as a diligent student, follows every bit of advice. His goal is to set an example by word and action, in order to be a source of inspiration to others.