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Jesus, the untold story

Jesus, the untold story
Titel: Jesus, the untold story
Auteur: Gerjo van der Horst
Bestelnr.: 9789081991032
Prijs : € 18,50
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Most people know Jesus from the four gospels in the Bible and have built up a picture from that material. In our times, other writings have been found that show a very different Jesus, such as the gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene and Judas. The Jesus in those writings is much more spiritual, sometimes even a mystic, showing us the way to our inner selves through insights that we also come across in Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.This touching novel tells us about Jesus' childhood, the untold story that cannot be found in the Bible. The recently discovered manuscripts help shape the story. The author has woven some wonderful spiritual insights into the narrative. Judas is for instance no longer the traitor and Mary Magdalene no longer the whore.The story brings Jesus close like never before, wrestling in a very human way with the burden that has been placed on his shoulders. The choices that he has to make are so identifiable that many readers will recognise aspects of themselves in him. Gerjo van der Horst grew up in a non-religious family; perhaps that is the reason why everything to do with religion interested her. The movie Jesus Christ Superstar impressed her enormously. She understood that Jesus had been merely a human, with his own emotions, fears and doubts. Rather than picturing Jesus as a miracle-worker, she has described how he showed people that they carry the key to real inner peace within themselves.Reactions from readers:'What a fantastic book Jesus, the untold story is. I was really touched by it and I came across it at just the right time. My compliments.''I came across Jesus, the untold story by chance and it touched me in the deepest part of my soul. You have told the tale so beautifully, with so much positivity and purity. I even had to wipe away a tear a couple of times...''Jesus, the untold story: a book like a warm bath! Thank you Gerjo!'