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Trust in yourself

Trust in yourself
Titel: Trust in yourself
Auteur: Geert Crevits
Bestelnr.: 9789075702613
Uitgever: Mayil Uitgeverij Brugge
Prijs : € 14,00
Status:Dit artikel is binnen twee werkdagen leverbaar.
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'If you want to bring a change into your life, it will never be easy. What is then the purpose? The purpose is that you make progress, that you come close to yourself and do things that are important for you. You must be able to concentrate on yourself and look at yourself. You must live and dare to live from the depth of your own heart, of your own desires. If you think, 'I know myself,' but do nothing coming from out of your own self, then you are mistaken. Then you don't know who you are, and this is always the case: People too often think they know themselves. But when it comes down to it, they don't really know who they are, don't know where they stand and don't know what they are doing.'Master Morya sheds light on all kinds of subjects, spiritual and mondaine, in a wonderfully natural and practical way, enlightening your mind and warming your heart as you read.