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From Polymers to Plastics

From Polymers to Plastics
Titel: From Polymers to Plastics
Auteur: A.K. van der Vegt
Bestelnr.: 9789071301629
Uitgever: VSSD
Prijs : € 24,70
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From Polymers to PlasticsThe two words in the title of this book, "polymers" and "plastics", couldbe considered as referring to two different worlds. In the world ofpolymers, the properties of chain molecules are in the focus of attention,and are subject of thorough theoretical studies. In the world of plastics, the end-use performance of the technically usedmaterials counts, as well as their behaviour in the various processingoperations in which they are transformed into finished articles.Nevertheless, these two worlds are closely related to each other. Thetypical behaviour of plastics materials, strongly deviating from othermaterials, can only be understood on the basis of the chain properties. In this book an attempt has been made to give a survey of polymerproperties, and of the way these are, on the one hand, governed by theirmolecular structure, and are, on the other hand, responsible for thetechnological behaviour of plastics materials. As a result of thisintention, cross-references are given throughout the whole book: everyaspect of polymer science and of plastics technology is closely related topractically every other aspect!In each chapter lots of questions and exercises have been included. Thesolutions to the problems can be found on this URL.Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Molecular composition 3. Glassy state andglass-rubber transition 4. Crystalline polymers 5. Rubbery and liquidphases 6. Visco-elasticity 7. Mechanical properties 8. Furtherproperties 9. Polymeric compounds and composites 10, Processingtechniques 11. Data om materials Literature Index