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Think Like a Manager, Don't Act Like One

Think Like a Manager, Don't Act Like One
Titel: Think Like a Manager, Don't Act Like One
Auteur: Harry Starren
Bestelnr.: 9789063695361
Uitgever: BIS b.v., Uitgeverij
Prijs : € 14,99
Status:Dit artikel is naar verwachting leverbaar vanaf 1 januari 2025.
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Managers, we all know them. They make sure that things get done, that agreements are observed and that results are achieved. Ten years ago they were seen as the ideal solution for many companies. These days, their very existence is being called into question. Why this separate role? After all, managing is something we all do.'Think Like a Manager, Don't Act Like One' offers 75 successful approaches to help you foresee or manage unpredictable situations. Developed with the assistance of John F. Kennedy, Johan Cruijff, Casanova, talented management gurus, elusive laboratory molds, one oval table, one donkey, Barack Obama, and Johnny Cash. These 75 perspectives will add to your confusion - but also your understanding.This collection of approaches may well irritate you from time to time, and possibly inspire you, but really it should make you think. It probably wouldn't be sensible to follow every one of them, but they might give you some fresh ideas. Because those who keep doing what they've always done achieve the results they've always achieved.