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James Kerwin

James Kerwin
Titel: James Kerwin
Auteur: Thijs Lenssen; Paloma Garcia Garbi; Peter Post
Bestelnr.: 9789062169436
Uitgever: Spijk Art Projects
Prijs : € 25,00
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James Kerwin [1982] is a fine art photographer from Norwich in England. It was October 2013 and James Kerwin had been into photography for about four years, when he spotted some images on the internet of a former mental institution in the UK.Although it was not his style of photography, he was instantly drawn in and wanted to see more. Since that day James Kerwin has travelled to undisclosed and out of bounds sites in over ten European countries capturing the decay and neglect of some stunning locations that have included derelict asylums, deserted chateaus, former power plants, under water structures and even entire cities such as Pripyat near Chernobyl.Once inside an abandoned structure there is no noise, no people shopping, commuting, driving or talking on their mobile devices; it is tranquil and peaceful, this is something that Kerwin loves and that he has a real passion about.James Kerwin's focus is capturing rich colour palettes in camera before using post processing to produce each completed image using Adobe Creative Cloud products.Throughout the last three years comments are also made in relation to Kerwin's composition, something that he takes great pride over.