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Good and Bad Food Science

Good and Bad Food Science
Titel: Good and Bad Food Science
Separating the wheat from the chaff
Auteur: Leo Goeyens
Bestelnr.: 9789057188787
Uitgever: Politeia
Prijs : € 35,00
Status:Dit artikel is binnen twee werkdagen leverbaar.
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Imagine biting into a burger that was produced without having to slaughter the animal. Why not say 'yes' to genetically edited (gene-edited) food crops?Does corn turn hamster mothers into cannibals?Should we fear unrestrained use of glyphosate in years to come?Will Cupid's arrows assume the form of a nasal oxytocin spray?Vertical farming: eco-friend or foe?These are just some of the challenging and often awkward questions Leo Goeyens confronts his readers with. Human activity has brought many unwanted substances into the environment and into our food. Some chemicals are essential for the human body, others are dangerous contaminants that can seriously undermine human health. Food chemistry therefore is a black and white mosaic pavement.In concise easy-to-read texts the author dwells upon current changes and challenges for human and animal environment, arguing for a focus on health, sustainability and a circular economy. From tea leaves and plastic to oxytocin and food security, this book considers a wide range of subjects from a chemist's perspective and calls for sounder food ethics.