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Olivine- The Philosopher's Stone

Olivine- The Philosopher's Stone
Titel: Olivine- The Philosopher's Stone
The green and revolutionary source against climate change
Auteur: Olaf Schuiling
Bestelnr.: 9789038926711
Uitgever: Elmar, Uitgeverij
Prijs : € 24,99
Status:Dit artikel is binnen twee werkdagen leverbaar.
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The worldwide emission of CO2 is an extremely and fast growing problem. The fact that nature is regulating the neutralization of this climate threatening gas for over billions of years is unknown to most people. The fact that olivine, the most present rock on Earth, is playing a crucial role in this proces is unknown as well.Emeritus professor in geology, Olaf Schuiling, is investigating the meaning of this philosopher's stone, which is responsable for the preservation of life on Earth. Olivine binds CO2.Unfortunately the emission of this poisonous gas is growing so fast that nature needs some help. We can do that by increasing the availability of this revolutionary source. And, yes, we can, because the mining of this survival rock is simply and cheap.Professor Schuiling experimented a lot on a small scale and he discovered many practical applications in our environment and daily life. The green revolution is close at hand and everybody can contribute one's mite at low costs.Apart from that: we need to convince the government to stop the CCS (Carbone Capture System) asap.