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Introduction to Facility Management

Introduction to Facility Management
Titel: Introduction to Facility Management
Auteur: Bernhard Drion; Hester van Sprang
Bestelnr.: 9789001752552
Uitgever: Wolters-Noordhoff B.V.
Prijs : € 61,95
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If you ask ten experienced facility managers what facility managemententails and what their priorities are, there is a good chance that you will getten different answers, especially if those facility managers come fromdifferent industries, countries or continents.Facility management contributes to the success of organisations, but toquote the late world-famous soccer player and coach Johan Cruijff: 'you onlysee it after you've figured it out'.Therefore, this book explains the subject of facility management in all itsdiversity in understandable language, with quotes, cases and many practicalexamples. First and foremost, to students but also to everybody else withinterest in this professional domain.The field of facility management is changing. That is why this book devotes agreat deal of attention to trends and developments in society and the effectthey will have on the work environment and thus on the work of facilityprofessionals. An example of such a trend is the integration of facilitymanagement (FM) with human resource management (HRM) and informationmanagement (IT). Because of these developments, we have devoted aseparate chapter to the future of facility management.As we hope that we, too, will continue to learn, we invite you to send us yourcomments, discussion points or suggestions by e-mail.We wish you much pleasure in reading.Hester van Sprang has been working in the facilities industry for over twentyyears. Since 2010 she has been one of the leading lecturers in the MasterFacility & Real Estate Management at Saxion University of AppliedSciences/the University of Greenwich, and a senior researcher at the SaxionResearch Group on Hospitality. Hester has published in various academicjournals and has contributed to many international congresses. Moreover,she the co-author of the successful Dutch Basisboek Facility Management,of which the third edition was published in 2020. Nowadays she deploys hervast knowledge of the interaction between people and buildings as anadvisor at MeerWaarde Huisvestingsadvies and as managing director ofFaM-CoR B.V.Bernard Drion worked in the facilities industry for over thirty-five years. Hehas held various management positions at consultancy firms, includingHospitality Group in Amersfoort, and from 2008 he combined this positionwith that of professor of Facility Management at Breda University of AppliedSciences (BUAS). With his enormous knowledge and experience, Bernardpioneered numerous initiatives in the field, such as the former NEN 2748and Netherlands Facility Cost Index and the Facility Performance Standard.Bernard is co-author of the book Workin' Wonderland, which is about thefuture of organisations, and the co-author of the successful DutchBasisboek Facility Management, of which the third edition was published in2020. Bernard is now retired.