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C# Programming for Windows and Android

C# Programming for Windows and Android
Titel: C# Programming for Windows and Android
visual Studio
Auteur: John Allwork
Bestelnr.: 9781907920431
Prijs : € 44,95
Status:Dit artikel is tijdelijk niet leverbaar.


This book, a software-only follow up to the best-selling Elektor Visual Studio C# range of books, is aimed at Engineers, Scientists and Enthusiasts who want to learn about the C# language and development environment.  

It covers steps from installation, the .NET framework and object oriented programming, through to more advanced concepts including database applications, threading and
multi-tasking, internet/network communications and writing DLLs. The DirectX chapters also include video capture. The book concludes with several chapters on writing Android applications in C# using the Xamarin add-on. 

This book is based on the Visual Studio 2015 development environment and latest C# additions including WPF applications, LINQ queries, Charts and new commands such as await and async. The latest Visual Studio debugging
features (PerfTips, Diagnostic Tool window and IntellTrace) are covered. Finally, the Android chapters include GPS, E-mail and SMS applications. 

Additionally, the book provides free on-line access to extensive, well-documented examples - in a try for yourself style - together with links to the author's videos, guiding you through the necessary steps to get the expected results.